Case Report

Undescended ovary presented with paraovarian cyst


  • Guldeniz Aksan Desteli
  • Türkan Eraslan
  • Halime Çevik
  • Hulusi Bülent Zeyneloğlu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2013;10(4):272-274

Undescended ovary is a rare congenital anomaly of female genital tract. Mostly seen as sample cases in the literature. Uterine or urinary tract anomalies may accompany this rare anomaly. Most cases are asymptomatic. We present an undescended ovary case with abdominal pain, whose ultasound and magnetic resonance imaging studies revealed a cystic mass, and laparoscopic findings were in favour of an undescended ovary.

Keywords: undescended ovary, paraovarian cyst, ectopic ovary, laparoscopy