Clinical Investigation

The serum leptin, tumor necrotising factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukine-6 (IL-6) levels In habitual snoring pregnants

  • Gülengül Köken
  • Figen Kır Şahin
  • Emine Coşar
  • İrfan Altuntaş
  • Reşit Köken
  • Fatma Fidan
  • Mehmet Ünlü

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(1):17-21


Our aim was to determine the levels of leptin, tumor necrotising factor – alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukine-6 (IL-6) in habitual snoring pregnants and compare with nonsnoring pregnants. Fetal outcome of these two groups were also evaluated.


Twenty-six habitual snoring pregnants and 54 nonsnoring pregnants (totally 80) were evaluated in Afyonkarahisar Kocatepe University Medical Faculty, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at May 2006-June 2007. All of the pregnants were in the third trimester and venous blood were taken after 8 hours fasting period. Leptin, TNF-alpha, IL-6 levels of two groups were studied. Infant birthweight, apgar scores were obtained.


There were no significant difference between serum leptin, TNF-alpha and IL-6 levels of the habitual snoring and non-snoring pregnants (P>0,05). Serum leptin levels were significantly higher in obese women than normal weight women (15,5±5,2, 12,5±5,7, p=0,024 respectively). There was significant positive correlation between body mass index (BMI) and serum leptin levels (r=0,313, p=0,006). Birth weight and apgar scores of the infants were comparable between groups (p>0,05).


Although habitual snoring is a risk factor for pregnants, it does not effect the the serum leptin, inflamatuar factors and fetal outcome.

Keywords: habitual snoring, leptin, TNF-alfa, IL-6, pregnancy