Clinical Investigation

The quality of the antenatal care

  • Fide Kaya
  • Özlem Serin

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(1):28-35


To determine the variables that influence the quality of the antenatal care and whether the delivering women have received antenatal care


This study, which is a cross-sectional one, was conducted with 198 women who are on the first or second day of the delivery at Çanakkale State Hospital. The data were collected through interview using a survey form. The quality of antenatal care was assessed out of 42 points. The data were assessed logistic regression analysis.


The average age of the women is 25 ± 1.0. All the women received antenatal care. The places that provide antenatal care are private health institution (% 55.1), state hospitals (% 13.6), cottage hospital (% 6.6 ). The % 5.6 (1-3 times) and % 27.3 (4-6 times) of the women received antenatal care insufficiently often and sufficiently often, respectively. According to the determined criteria, the % 59.6 (15-29 points) and % 40.4 (30-42 points) of the women received insufficient care in quality and sufficent care in quality, respectively.


The consulting service that the women received during antenatal care was insufficient. There is a significant between antenatal care and age, the number of pregnancy, health insuarence, the person who the marriage.

Keywords: antenatal care, pregnancy, quality