Clinical Investigation

The Effect of Screening Tests to Maternal Anxiety Levels on Pregnant Women

  • Sevinç Bilgin
  • Fatma Devran Bıldırcın
  • Tayfun Alper
  • Miğraci Tosun
  • Mehmet Bilge Çetinkaya
  • Handan Çelik
  • Erdal Malatyalıoğlu
  • Arif Kökçü

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(3):206-211


We aimed at measuring levels of knowledge of pregnant about Down Syndrome, triple screening test, amniocentesis, and other tests performed during pregnancy their anxiety.

Material and Method:

Our study includes 300 pregnant women between gestational weeks 16 and 20 and 35 gynecologists that we applied to their opinions. STAI anxiety test measuring conditional anxiety was performed. Questions related to the levels of information of the pregnant women about Down syndrome, screening tests and amniocentesis and their communication with physicians. Attitude of physicians about the screening tests were questioned.


The average age of patients was 28±5 and of them, a group comprising 37,3% was primipara while the other group comprising 62,7% had been multipara. When the pregnant women, by taking into regard their groups as to education and age, were analyzed with respect to their anxiety levels, no statistical differences were observed among the groups.± When a question such as “What would you do if your prospective baby has been diagnosed as having a Down Syndrome” was posed 181 patients (60,3%) answered that they have not yet given any decision in this regard.When we analyzed the pregnants with respect to their educational levels, we recorded a significant statistical difference among the university graduates group and other groups. (p<0,05) when the patients were analyzed with respect to risk and age groups, we observed the fact that the gynecologist was before and aware of the decision especially given by the high risk group.


Patients who will not terminate their pregnancies even after being informed about the diagnosis of Down syndrome unnecessary spending of the limited resources transferred to the healthcare system can be prevented and these amounts can be used for more rational purposes.

Keywords: Screening tests, Amniocentesis, poll