Case Report

Spontaneous Uterine Rupture At Pregnancy After Hysterescopic Metroplasty: Two Cases


  • Emre Gültekin
  • Yusuf Yildirim
  • Hakan Camuzcuoglu
  • Alihan Tigli
  • Mehmet Gökçü
  • Nihat Inan
  • Sivekar Tinar

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(1):14-18

Fertility outcomes in patients with uterine septum are improved remarkablely following hysteroscopic metroplasty. However, despite its rarity, a uterine rupture may develop during subsequent pregnancy or at labor in these women. In this study, we present two cases underwent hysteroscopic metroplasty and developing spontaneous uterine rupture in their subsequent pregnancies.

Keywords: Uterine septum, hysteroscopic metroplasty, pregnancy and labor, spontaneous uterine rupture.