Isolated fetal pleural effusion with down syndrome

  • Süleyman Güven
  • Burcu Saygan Karamürsel
  • Lütfü Sabri Önderoglu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2006;3(3):208-210

Isolated fetal pleural effusion is rare in pregnancy. The prevelance was estimated to be one in 10.000 deliveries. A 28 year-old primigravid woman at 29 weeks 4 days gestational age was referred to our clinic for further evaluation of isolated unilateral pleural effusion which had been diagnosed at 27 weeks. Thoracentesis and cordocentesis were performed. Biochemical and microbiological analysis of pleural fluid revealed non-chylous pleural effusion. Cordocentesis confirmed the diagnosis of trisomy 21. A 1800 gram male infant with an apgar score of 0 was delivered vaginally at 31 weeks gestation after induction of labor for termination of pregnancy. Here, we present a case with Down syndrome diagnosed due to isolated pleural effusion and discuss the diagnosis and management of this condition.

Keywords: down syndrome, fetus, pleural effusion, prenatal diagnosis\r\n