Case Report

Pulmonary edema due to mitral stenosis in pregnancy: A Case Report


  • Handan Güleç
  • Süleyman Akarsu
  • Semih Değerli
  • Fatma Berçin
  • Necla Dereli
  • Şaziye Şahin

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(1):70-72

Mitral stenosis is a valvular heart disease, that is the most troublesome during pregnancy and birth process. Plasma volume increases due to sodium and water retention during pregnancy and in the second trimester of pregnancy it reaches the maximum level. In the first trimester of pregnancy, normal cardiac output increases by 30 to 40% and this condition causes significant hemodynamic changes in patients with mitral stenosis. Pulmonary edema occurs rapidly with high left atrial pressure due to increased preload. İt is noted that acute pulmonary edema is the primary cause of maternal mortality in pregnant women with mitral stenosis. Clinical signs are becoming evident, especially after the twelfth week. Despite the best conservative treatment, maternal and infant mortality can be seen.In this case, we present pulmonary edema due to mitral stenosis dianosed following dyspne in a 19 years old pregnant woman at the 29th week of her first pregnancy.

Keywords: mitral stenosis, pulmonary edema, pregnancy