Clinical Investigation

Pregnancy Rates After Compulsatory One and Conditional Two Embriyo Transfer


  • Seyhan Gümüşlü
  • Recep Onur Karabacak
  • Nuray Bozkurt
  • Mesut Öktem
  • Esra Karabay
  • Cengiz Karakaya
  • Deniz Ercan
  • Ahmet Erdem
  • Mehmet Erdem

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2013;10(2):97-102


To predict our pregnancy rates after compulsatory one and conditional two embriyo transfer (ET) number.


Retrospective Analysis

Materiyal and Methods:

One or two embryo transferred 362 patient were analyzed between March 2010 and September 2011.


Our clinical pregnancy rate was 31% and implantation rate was 25%. Our pregnancy rates after one or two ET were 30 and 32 % respectively ( P>0.05). We transferred embryos at second, third day or blastocyst stage. Pregnancy rates were 19, 30 and 48 % respectively (p< 0.001), implantation rates were 14.5, 23.5 and 42.4 % respectively ( P< 0.001). Our freezing rate was 39.5 %. Not to have freezing quality embrios or to have increased the the pregnancy rate from 21% to %45 significantly. When one embriyo transfered 95 % single and 5 % twins observed. When two embryos were transfered 81% single,17% twin and 2 % triplets observed.


Pregnancy rates for one or two ET were statistically similar. If embryo quality allows us to culture up to blastocyt stage pregnancy rates were statistically increased. New Turkish ET policy resulted 95 % to 81 % single gestational sacs according to 1 or 2 ET at Gazi University IVF center.

Keywords: SET, DET