Case Report

Ovarian pregnancy after intrauterine insemination

  • Ahmet Baris Güzel
  • Ibrahim Ferhat Ürünsak
  • Selim Büyükkurt
  • Yilmaz Atay
  • Ümran Küçükgöz Güleç

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2009;6(3):216-219

Ectopic pregnancy is defined as implantation of a fertilized ovum in an area other than endometrial lining of uterus. The most common localization for ectopic pregnancy is the ampuller portion of the tuba uterina, but it can be to exist anywhere in the intraabdominal space. Ovarian pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy and represents 1 –3% of all the ectopic pregnancies. The incidence is 1 per 7000 to 1 per 60,000 deliveries Pregnancy was determined at the right ovary after IUI. Laparoscopy performed and ectopic ovarian pregnancy was removed by protecting the ovary.

Keywords: IUI, ovarian ectopic pregnancy