Case Report

Intrauterine isolate incomplete fracture of femur: a case report


  • Abdullah Boztosun
  • Dinçer Sümer
  • Yasin Biyik
  • Özgür Karakaya
  • Hakan İmamoğlu
  • Ali Yanık

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(4):224-226

Intrauterine fracture of long bones are rare and usually associated with trauma or metabolic/structural disease. In intrauterine ultrasound examination, right femur has got an angulation that became overt or disappearing with movements of fetus. On the postpartum x-ray graphy, fracture line or callus formation was not observed, but the internal cortical thickening, and angulation presented in mid-diaphysis of right femur. We reported this case, has got an incomplete fracture of right femur at 25th gestational week. Any significant trauma or disease was related with fetus and mother.

Keywords: femur fracture, incomplete, intrauterine