Clinical Investigation

Initial Chorionic Villus Sampling Results Of Gaziantep University: One Year Analysis

  • Ebru Dikensoy
  • Fatma Bahar Cebesoy
  • Ebru Öztürk
  • Mete Gürol Uğur
  • Özcan Balat
  • Ali İrfan Kutlar
  • Volkan Baltacı

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(4):267-272


To analyse the indications, results and complications of the initial transabdominal (TA) CVS experiances of Gaziantep University.

Material and Methods:

Following experimental TA-CVS cases we performed diagnostic TA-CVS between March 2007-August 2009 and the data was analysed retrospectively.The number of patients, maternal and gestational age, CVS indications, placental localization, number of needle insertions, number of the repeated procedures, results of the cytogenetic analyses and complication ratios were evaluated.


A total of 98 TA-CVS procedure were performed including the experimental and diagnostic cases.After cytogenetic analysis we determinated trisomy 21 in 4 patients, trisomy 18 in 1 patient.None of the possible complications were observed in the patients, such as vaginal bleeding, intestinal or bladder laceration, abortion, limb reduction defects.


TA-CVS, initially performed as an experimental procedure in cases with intrauterine ex fetuses, was later on started to be performed as a diagnostic procedure in our clinic.This approach was quite useful to gain experience.There were no organ lacerations observed in the live fetuses nor fetal demise.Thus, TA-CVS may be continued to be applied as a safe and reliable procedure for diagnostic purposes in our clinic as well.

Keywords: Prenatal Diagnosis, Our CVS experiences