Clinical Investigation

Luteal phase support for assisted reproduction treatment cycles - Physicians` preferences in Turkey - A TSRM Survey

  • Barış Ata
  • Turgut Aydın
  • Bülent Urman

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(3):224-227


To assess the luteal phase support practices after assisted reproduction treatment in Turkey.

Materials and Methods:

An electronic questionnaire that sought for clinicians’ preferences for luteal phase support for assisted reproduction cycles was posted on the Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine (TSRM) web site.


The majority of participants prefer to support the luteal phase regardless of the type of gonadotropin releasing hormone analogue used for pituitary suppression. LPS is started between day of oocyte collection and embryo transfer. Progesterone vaginal gel seems to be the most commonly used agent for LPS. Almost half of participants think estogen should be used as an adjuvant to progesterone. Most participants reported continuing LPS until completion of the first trimester of pregnancy.


Current practice of LPS in Turkey seems to be guided with available evidence. However, opinions on controversial aspects of LPS are various, which is not unexpected. The optimum LPS protocol and any subsets of patients who may have differing needs for LPS remain to be determined. Therefore continuing education programs should address this need, and, provide an opportunity for exchange of opinions and experience between colleagues.

Keywords: luteal phase, luteal phase support, survey, in vitro fertilization, assisted reproduction, ivf