Case Report

Long Term Survival After Total Pelvic Exenteration In A Patient With Recurrent Cervical Carcinoma: A Case Report


  • Soner Düzgüner
  • Tuba Zengin
  • Tolga Taşçı
  • Taner Turan
  • Nurettin Boran
  • Gökhan Tulunay
  • Mehmet Faruk Köse

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2014;11(3):186-188 PMID: 28913015

The management of recurrent cervical cancer depends mainly on previous treatment as well as on the site and extent of recurrence. Pelvic exenteration usually represents the only therapeutic approach with curative intent for women with central pelvic relapse who have previously received irradiation. In the present report, we share our experience regarding survival outcome in a patient with recurrent endocervical carcinoma who underwent total pelvic exenteration.

Keywords: Cervical adenocarcinoma, exenteration, recurrence