Clinical Investigation

Level of Knowledge Among Turkish People for Cancer and Cancer Risk Factors


  • Murat Gültekin
  • Nejat Özgül
  • Emire Olcayto
  • Murat Tuncer

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(1):57-61

Cancer is one of the leading diseases responsible for a majority of deaths in human beings. The incidence of cancer is increasing both in Turkey and in the world, globally. The level of awareness is very important in directing the health policies of cancer prevention, particularly in terms of preventive and screening measures. However, there is not so much well organized trials in Turkey evaluating the level of awareness in the public against cancer disease. In this study, 3,096 people from 26 different provinces across Turkey who were supposed to represent the avarege Turkish population, were evaluated by some questionnaires. With the results of this trial, the authors suggest to find the right policies with scientific evidence to direct the future cancer control activities in Turkey.

Keywords: Cancer, Cancer Risk Factors, Knowledge, Awareness, Turkey