Case Report

Laparoscopic Conservative Management of Ovarian Ectopic Pregnancy


  • Polat Dursun
  • Serdar Kaya
  • Eralp Başer
  • Göğşen Önalan
  • Hulusi B. Zeyneloğlu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(4):283-285

A multiparous patient with acute pelvic pain entered to our hospital. She had a history of irreguler menstruation periods and an intrauterine device (IUD) usage. There was an increase in the serum B-hCG levels. The transvaginal ultrasonographic findings were unilateral adnexial mass and intraabdominal free fluid. Urgently laparoscopic management was planned. In the operation a haemorrhagic ruptured cystic mass from the right ovary, which was thought to be an ovarian ectopic pregnancy was seen and it was excised. Then we confirmed the diagnosis by the histological examination.

In conclusion, Laparoscopic resection of the ovarian ectopic pregnancy is the most suitable conservative management to protect the surrounding ovarian tissue and the future reproductive functions considerably; and it’s the gold standart.

Keywords: ectopic pregnancy, ovarian ectopic pregnancy, Extrauterine pregnancy, Laparoscopy