Case Report

Heterotopic Pregnancy: A Diagnosis Which Should Be Consider More Often


  • Eray Çaliskan
  • Emek Doger
  • Öner Aynioglu
  • Yigit Çakiroglu
  • Aydin Çorakçi

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(1):30-35

The aim of this case report is to present two cases of heterotopic pregnancy in the light of the literature, to present the incidence of heterotopic pregnancy which has increased due to ovulation induction and assisted reproductive techniques and that might cause serious problems for the pregnant women and intrauterine pregnancy. A 33 year old woman who conceived via ovulation induction with gonadotropins and intrauterine insemination was evaluated due to abdominal pain at 6th weeks of gestation. Despite an unknown diagnosis with multidiciplinary approach, she was sent to our center due to acute abdomen with unstable hemodynamic status. The 9 weeks old intrauterine fetus was diagnosed to be dead. She was performed emergency laparotomy salpingectomy for the ruptured tubal pregnancy and she received whole blood transfusions. The postoperative period was uneventhful and she was recovered without any complications. Our second case is a 31 years old woman who conceived via spontaneous cycle. She was evaluated due to abdominal pain at 8th weeks of gestation. Heterotopic pregnancy could have been diagnosed with ultrasonography. She had laparascopic salpingectomy with stable vital signs and stable hemoglobin values. Blood transfusion was not necessary and intrauterine pregnancy was continued with healthy. In women admitting with pelvic pain after conceiving with assisted reproductive techniques, for early diagnosis of heterotropic pregnancy, a carefull ultrasonographic examination of the adnexal regions should be performed and heterotopic pregnancy should be kept in mind for the differential diagnosis of any cystic mass. This approach might help plan the optimum treatment and also minimize the harm to the pregnant women and the intrauterine fetus.

Keywords: Heterotopic Pregnancy, Assisted Reproductive Techniques