Case Report

Heterotopic Cervical Pregnancy With Fetal Survival


  • Semra Kayataş
  • Elif Meşeci
  • Erbil Çakar
  • Sevcan Arzu Arınkan
  • Kadir Güzin

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2014;11(1):64-67

Heterotopic pregnancy is defined as a uterine pregnancy in conjunction with an extrauterine pregnancy. Cervical heterotopic pregnancy represents a rare type of ectopic pregnancy, reported to be less than 0.1% of all pregnancies. We present the case of a rare event of a simultaneous intrauterine gestation combined with cervical heterotopic pregnancy in a natural conception cycle. A 32 year old primigravid women presented with vaginal bleeding and 8 weeks of amenore. The pelvic examination revealed a intrauterine pregnancy and heterotopic cervical pregnancy. Heterotopic cervical pregnancy terminated uneventfully by curettage by using cervical sutures to ligate lateral cervical vessels to prevent bleeding. Pregnancy was continued up to 36 weeks of gestation and was born healty, alive baby.

Keywords: Heterotopic, cervical pregnancy, alive birth