Clinical Investigation

General Health And Nutritional Status Of Adolescent Pregnants And Effect Of These Status On Newborn


  • Pınar Sökülmez
  • Aliye Özenoğlu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2014;11(1):1-9


Adolescent pregnancy is considered a high risk for both the mother and infant. The aim of this study was to determine general health and nutritional status of adolescent pregnants and to search the effects of these on newborn.


Anthropometric measurements, biochemical findings, and nutritional status of 220 adolescent pregnants were examined. Mothers complete a face-to-face questionnaire. Participants were asked for nutritional status and pregnancy history. Weight controls and laboratory findings were repeated by providing monthly, physician examination for these pregnants and food consumptions were examined in each control. Pregnancy outcomes were measured and records by the investigator himself. Pregnancy outcomes were obtained from the 168 birth records. General health status and anthropometric measurements to birth of infants were examined in this study


The mean age of 17.4 ± 0.73 years for women, average age of marriage and first pregnancy 16.40 ± 09 and 16.8 ± 05 years, respectively. In these pregnants, premature birth and still birth is 3.1%, infants who dead after birth is 3.2%, abortion and curettage is 10.6%. Children born to mothers with multiple pregnancies, 46.6% percent have died. In this study it was determined that women, 40% of whom was anemic, consumed only 41.6% of iron amount recommended. Their energy, protein and vitamin A consumptions were also below recommendation amount. Average weight gain were 10.95±4.89 for all pregnant and pregnant women, 10.1% of ≤ 36 weeks, 80.9% 'u 37-40 weeks of birth, and various health problems were observed in 32.7% infant.


While nutrition is most important in in adolescent pregnant due to the growth of both lives. When assessed in terms of mother and child health services, society should be continuously informed about adequate and balanced nutrition.

Keywords: Adolescent pregnancy, low birt weight, nutrition problems of adolescent pregnancy.