Case Report

Factor VII Deficiency During Pregnancy: A Case Report


  • Aslıhan Yazıcıoğlu
  • Mert Turğal
  • Gökhan Boyraz
  • Özge Senem Yücel
  • Atakan Tanaçan
  • Özgür Özyüncü
  • Sinan Beksaç

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2013;10(2):114-117

Factor VII deficiency is a genetic disorder of coagulation and inherited as autosomal recessive. Although inherited disorders of coagulation are rare, Factor VII deficiency is the most common among them. Recurrent spontaneous abortions and placental abruptions have been reported in the pregnant women with Factor VII deficiency.

Due to ease of laboratory diagnosis, the clearity of the management and the treatment protocols, Factor VII deficiency should be kept in mind in patients with bleeding diathesis.

In this report, we described a pregnant patient at her 29th weeks of gestation presenting with complaint of vaginal bleeding, thereafter performance of an emergency cesarian section due to placental abruption. The management and the treatment of these patients were discussed.

Keywords: Factor VII deficiency, pregnancy, placental abruption, pregnancy loss, replacement therapy