Clinical Investigation

Evulation of Rh D Alloimmünized Pregnancies Treated with Intrauterine Transfusions and Perinatal Outcomes

  • Yalçın KİMYA
  • Mehmet BÜLBÜL
  • Oktay ALTUN
  • Candan CENGİZ

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2009;6(3):178-184


To analyze a data of Rh D alloimmunized pregnancies due to fetal anemia and managed with intrauterine transfusions.And to analyze data of perinatal outcomes.


Between 1994 to 2005 years, 119 transfusions performed for 31 gravid Rh alloimmunized women.And files data retrospectively in a department of obstetrics and gynecology ( Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine) were analyzed.


Totally 31 RhD immunized pregnant women with complicated fetal anemia were made 119 intrauterine transfusions.13 fetuses were hydropic. While in 9/13(69,2%) of these hydropic fetuses the condition resolved, it persisted in 4/13(30,8%). The fetal survival was 16/18( 88,9%) for nonhydropic, 9/9(100%) for the resolving hydropic, and 2/4(50%) for the persistently hydropic fetuses.


Fetal anemia due to RhD alloimmunization can be managed with intrauterine transfusions until the end of the 35th week of gestation with a good perinatal outcome.

Keywords: Intrauterine transfusion, fetal anemia, RhD alloimmunization