Clinical Investigation

Effect of impulse noise during pregnancy on birth weight of rats

  • Bünyamin Börekçi
  • Ragıp Atakan Al
  • Yakup Kumtepe
  • Sedat Kadanalı

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(1):46-50

The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of impulse noise on birth weight of pregnant rats. A total of 24 female rat divided to impulse noise (10 rats) and control groups (14 rats) and are mated with two male rat weighed 300±25 gr. The rats in impulse noise group were exposed 300 Hz-8 KHz, 120 dB disco music 10x20 min/day. From each group, six rats that each one of them is delivered seven i nfant were included statistical analysis. The median weight of mother rats were similar between impulse noise and control groups ((271 gr [226-282] vs. 274 gr [240-290 respectively p=0,423). The median birtweigth of the rats in the impulse noise group was significantly lower than that of control group ((4,4[3-5,4]) vs. 6[3,3-6,5] respectivel y, p<0,001).The effect of impulse noise on birtweigt was maintained when rats were s tratified by sex. Thi s study shows that high level of impulse noise lasting a significant length of time can cause low birthweight in pregnant rats.

Keywords: birth we ight, noise, pregnancy, rats, prenatal stress