Clinical Investigation

Comparisons of Hysterosalpingography and Laparoscopy Results in the Diagnosis of Tubal Occlusion


  • Rafet Duraker
  • Berfu Demir
  • Berna Dilbaz
  • Özgür Akkurt
  • Müberra Koçak
  • Yasemin Taşçı
  • Ümit Göktolga

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(1):40-43


The compliance rate between the hysterosalpingography (HSG) and laparoscopy (L/S) results in patients who diagnosed tubal occlusion on the HSG was investigated. Also, the incidence of endometriosis was evaluated in the study population.

Material and Methods:

Medical records of 139 women who were underwent L/S for the investigation of the tubal occlusion were reviewed retrospectively. The concordance rate between the HSG and L/S was investigated. The incidence of endometriosis in patients with no tubal pathology was compared with patients with unilaterally and bilaterally tubal occlusion.


Mean age of the women was 31.8±5.7years, mean BMI was measured as 24.6±4.6 kg/m2, and gravida 0 (0-5), mean infertility period was 30.7±3.7 months. Tubal occlusion was confirmed after the L/S in 38.8% of the patients (n=38) who has unilaterally tubal occlusion on the HSG. However, 58.8% (n=20) of the patients who were diagnosed as bilaterally tubal occlusion on the HSG was confirmed with the L/S. The misdiagnosis rate of the HSG was significantly high in women with unilaterally tubal occlusions compared with bilaterally tubal occlusions [(respectively, 61.2%, 51.2%) (p: 0.001)]. Endometriosis was observed in 28.4% of the patients who had patent tubes and in 13.9% of the patients in the unilaterally tubal occlusion group and and in 22.7% of the patients in the bilaterally tubal occlusion group. But the difference was not statistically significant when groups were compared according to the rate of endometriosis (p=0.24).


HSG is the first step diagnostic test for the assessment of the fallopian tubes. Although L/S is more invasive technique than HSG, L/S with chromopertubation is the gold standard test for identifying periadnexal adhesive disease and endometriosis.

Keywords: Hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy, tubal occlusion, endometriosis