Clinical Investigation

Comparison of attitudes related with family planning methods before and after effective family planning counseling.

  • Esra Esim Büyükbayrak
  • Bülent Kars
  • Ayşe Yasemin Karageyim Karşıdağ
  • Reşat Dabak
  • Hatice Kurtuluş
  • Zehra Meltem Pirimoğlu
  • Cem Turan

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(3):228-234


To evaluate the effect of family planning counseling on the changeover of the family planning method and to determine level of knowledge of participants on family planning methods and their attitude towards changeover of the method after counseling.


Kartal education and reseach hospital obstetrics and gynecology clinic, department of family planning.


500 consecutive women applying to family planning department for any reason.


Effective family planning counseling service was given to each participant then a questioner containin 14 questions was applied with face to face technique.

Main Outcome Measures:

Attitude towards family planning counseling, comparison of the preference of family planning method before and after family planning counseling service and influential sociodemographic parameters on method choise were studied.


45,2% of the participants were not taken family planning counseling service before. knowledge on family planning methods was sufficient in 25,2% of the participants, insufficient in 56,8% of the participants and 18% of the participants reported that they have no idea. 57,8% of the participants change mind about family planning counseling. 52,2% of the participants changeover perious method after counseling. 99,4% of the participants said that family planning counseling service should be given to every women. Preference of family planning method before and after family planning counseling service was statistically significantly different (p<0.01). Educational level, income and age were found to be influential sociodemographic factors for method preference.


Effective family planning counseling service is found to have favorable effect on attitude and knowledge about family planning methods. Modern method usage increase as educational level and income of the participants increase.

Keywords: Family planning, family planning counseling\r\n