Case Report

Bilateral Laparoscopic Lateral Ovarian Transposition: Case Report

  • Fatih Şendağ
  • Ali Akdemir

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2010;7(3):243-245

The important role of radiotherapy in the treatment of gynecological, urological, colorectal and haematological malignancies is well known. Nevertheless, its deleterious effect on other organs situated within the irradiation field are also recognized. Radiation treatment for malignancies have resulted in improved survival rates but may lead to sterility. Therefor, for young patients who are desirous of continued ovarian function and with invasive cancers need pelvik irradiation, preservation of ovarian function is crutial. Ovarian trasposition which is an available choise for preservation of ovaries for irradiation is performed via laparoscopy or laparotomy. In these case report we present the laparoscopic bilateral ovarian trasposition surgery of a 29-year-old nulliparas women with vulvar malignancy, before the irradiation.

Keywords: ovarian transposition, radiotherapy, vulvar malignancy