Assessment Of Sexual Function In Patients Urogynecology


  • Dilek Bilgiç
  • Nezihe Kızılkaya Beji
  • Önay Yalçın

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(3):142-152

Pelvic floor disorders are common and although they are not life-threatening, have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life. Sexual health is an essential component of a women’s quality of life. In clinical practice and research it is important to assesse of the symptoms and impact of these disorders in an objective fashion. Sexual dysfunction is a highly prevalent condition in women attending urogynecological services.Although it is a very common problem, only a minority of urogynecologists screen all patients for female sexual dysfunction. Evidence from large prospective studies have shown that prolapse and/or incontinence adversely affect sexual function. Several validated and non-validated selfreport questionnaires are available to assess different aspects of sexual function in women Questionnaires evaluating the four domains of female sexual function can be used as a screening tool to evaluate the effect of Pelvic floor disorders and coital leakage as well as the effect of surgical methods and medical treatment on sexual function. The most valid instruments to measure the presence, severity, and impact of a patient’s pelvic floor symptoms on sexual function are sexual function questionnaires. This review article was analyzed according to the literature assessment of sexual function in women with pelvic flor disorders or urogynecology.

Keywords: Urogynecology, Sexual dysfunction, Sexual function questionnaires