Case Report

Approach to Scorpion Stings During Pregnancy-Two Cases


  • Ayşe Güler
  • Sevdegül Karadaş
  • Zehra Kurdoğlu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2011;8(3):205-208


Although there are many studies in the literature about scorpion stings and scorpion venoms, data on maternal and fetal effects during gestation is very little. In this paper, we presented two pregnant cases who applied to our clinic because of scorpion sting and discussed the management of scorpion envenomation with literature.


Two pregnant women at 32nd and 24th gestational weeks admitted to the emergency department with the complaint of scorpion sting. Physical and ultrasonographic examinations and laboratory results were normal. Clinical evaluation of the patients was stage I. No gestational complications occured during follow of the patients who were offered hospitalisation and managed with supportive treatment. Both patients delivered healthy babies vaginally at term.


In management of scorpion stings during pregnancy, observation and supportive treatment are sufficient when the patient is at stage I.

Keywords: Pregnancy, scorpion sting, scorpion venom