Clinical Investigation

Anxiety and associated factors in women with a low-grade abnormal cervical smear test: A prospective study.


  • Serkan Karadağ
  • Behiye Pınar Çilesiz Göksedef
  • Ahmet Çetin
  • Mustafa Yenigün

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2012;9(3):164-169


The aims of the study were to quantify the levels of anxiety associated with having received a low-grade abnormal smear result, identify factors associated with increased levels of anxiety.


One hundred consecutive women referred for colposcopy for ASC-US result. Women in the study group completed prior to colposcopy the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) which is a self-report inventory that consists of 14 items on two subscales. Socio-demographic and lifestyle factors associated with the psychosocial impact of the abnormal smear result were also assessed.


Having had children was a significant predictor of high anxiety scoring. Anxiety was significantly higher in women with low educational level. Women were educated 1-8 years were significantly more likely anxious.


Interventions focus particularly on women’s knowledge and understanding of smear results to reduce the adverse psychosocial impact of receiving an ASC-US cervical smear result.

Keywords: Cervical smear, ASC-US, Anxiety; Depression; HADS.