The Effectiveness of Cervical Cerclage for Preventing Preterm Delivery

  • Mesut Öktem
  • Derya Eroglu
  • Filiz B. Yanik
  • Derda Kaya
  • Esra Kusçu
  • Hulusi B. Zeyneloglu

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2005;2(4):295-299

RESULTS: Weeks of gestation were between 11w 3d and 24w 4d. Ten patients’ cervical lengths were less than 20 mm by transvaginal ultrasonography. Three of women had funnelling sign by transvaginal ultrasonography. Bacterial colonization was not detected in cervical cultures. Eight patients treated with prophylactic cervical cerclage, five women treated with therapeutical cerclage and two of them treated with urgent cerclage. The cervical lengths were over 20 mm in eleven patients after the procedure. Eight women reached term. CONCLUSION: Serial ultrasound examination should be considered in patients with historical risk factors for cervical insufficiency, an elective cerclage may be considered in patients with a history of 3 or more unexplained midtrimester pregnancy losses. Emergency cerclage may be considered in such women in the absence of clinical chorioamnionitis or labor.

Keywords: erken membran rüptürü, preterm dogum, servikal serklaj, servikal yetmezlik, transvajinal ultrason