Clinical Investigation

The causes of death in hypertansive disease of pregnancy: seven years' experience in a referral medical center

  • Ragıp Atakan Al
  • Mehmet Yılmaz
  • Bünyamin Börekçi
  • Sedat Kadanalı

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2009;6(4):257-261


To investigate mode of death in hypertensive disease of pregnancy


Morgue registry was reviewed at Ataturk University Hospital between 2002-2008, and cases related with hypertensive disease of pregnancy were determined. Demographic data, clinical data on admittance, diagnosis and death mode of cases were reviewed.


A total of 15 cases that died of hypertensive disease of pregnancy were found. Death cause was gross intacerebral hemorrhage in 9 cases (%60), multiple organ failure in 3 cases (%20), adult respiratory distress syndrome in 1 case (% 7) and hepatic rupture in 1 case (%7). Mode of death was not known in one case. Only two patients have standard prenatal care. Eight of patients were admitted to a hospital first time when eclamptic convulsions developed.


In the two thirds of the cases, the mode of death was gross intracerebral hemorrhage that was almost a preventable disease. It reflects substandard prenatal care. The processes that cause poor attendance to the prenatal care must be investigated.

Keywords: Eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, maternal mortality, prenatal care