Clinical Investigation

‘Sleep Quality Is Related to Hyperinsulinemia In Postmenopausal Women’


  • Nilgün Güdücü
  • Salih Serdar Kutay
  • Uzay Görmüş
  • Başak Özge Kayan
  • İlkkan Dünder

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2014;11(1):35-41


In this study, our aim was to understand the relationship among sleep disturbances and biochemical, hormonal and inflammatory parameters.


In this prospective study, 57 postmenopausal women without any concomitant disease other than metabolic syndrome were included. We applied Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and asked self-reported sleep duration of participants. We compared the results with hormonal and metabolic parameters.


Participants with a poor PSQI were older (p=0.022), had a higher hip circumference (p=0.03) and had a longer duration of menopause (p=0.012) when compared to participants with a good PSQI. Participants with a poor PSQI had lower HDL (p=0.008) and higher insulin (p=0.027) when compared to participants with a good PSQI. There was no association between sleep duration and the parameters searched.


Sleep complaints are related to hyperinsulinemia and lipid abnormalities.

Keywords: sex-hormones, CRP, sleep, postmenopausal, inflammation, insulin