Clinical Investigation

Nomogram of the Fetal Humerus Length at 16-24 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • Fikret Gökhan Göynümer
  • Resul Arısoy
  • Murat Yayla

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2008;5(4):248-252


To obtain the nomogram of the fetal humerus length (HL) at 16-24 weeks of gestation with known prognosis of normal pregnancies.


In this prospective study; fetal biometric measurements are obtained by transabdominal ultrasound from 856 normal fetuses between 16-24 gestational weeks (GW). The distributions of humerus length and percentiles values are established according to 16-24 gestational weeks. Fetal biometric parameters and humerus length were assessed by regression analysis.


Median values of humerus length between 16-24 weeks were 20, 23, 25, 29, 32, 33, 36, 38 and 39 mm respectively. Between 16 and 24 gestational weeks, we determined that the cubic regression model was more suitable than linear regression model Statistically significant correlation was also found between the HL and GW [HL=(GW x 4,6)- ((GW3)x0,018)-46] (r2: 0,828; p<0,001) ), and BPD [HL=(BPD x 1,212)-((BPD3) x 7,12)-18,833] (r2=0,842; p<0,001) ) and FL [HL=(FL x 1,21) –((FL2) x 0,0061)-0,8315] (r2= 0,91; p<0,001) ).


Turkish humerus length nomogram obtained at 16-24 gestational weeks show conformity with the worldwide use.

Keywords: Ultrasonography, Humerus, Nomogram