Letter From The President


  • Ateş Karateke

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2019;16(2):0-0

Dear Collagues,

We announce that we want to establish solidarity and cooperation among all the obstetricians and gynecologists by the season 2019-2020. We should not criticise our collagues severely against patients and give random information to patients in terms of
medical practices. As the community of obstetrics and gynecology, all the collagues should support and help each other while executing our medical practices. We will work hard in collaboration to achieve such an aim; thus, we willl decrease the number
of medical cases that we deal with.

I especially would like to thank the editors, the vice editors and the referees who worked hard for the journal throughout the year. I also want to thank our collagues who follow and support our journal.

I believe that we will maintain and develop the collaboration in the next years. I look forward to your contributions and support.


Ateş Karateke, Prof. M.D.,
President of TSOG