Case Report

Laparoscopic management of coexisting bilateral endometriomas and unilateral dermoid cyst

  • Ulun Ulug
  • Hande Akbas
  • Mustafa Bahçeci

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2006;3(5):349-352

Coexistence of endometriosis and dermoid cyst is extremely rare. This report describes a nulligravid asymptomatic woman who had undergone operative laparoscopy for bilateral multiple ovarian cysts. Inner wall of bilateral endometrioma capsules were vaporized and a unilateral dermoid cyst was removed. Following treatment of GnRH analogue treatment, the patient spontaneously conceived. Differential diagnosis and management of dermoid cyst and endometrioma in reproductive aged women were discussed.

Keywords: Dermoid cyst, endometrioma and laparoscopy