Clinical Investigation

Evaluation of adolescent girls' requirement of knowledge on sexuality

  • Aydan Biri
  • Ümit Korucuoglu
  • Ercan Yilmaz
  • Çigdem Simsek
  • Nur Aksakal
  • Mustafa Ilhan

Turk J Obstet Gynecol 2007;4(2):104-107

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate adolescent girls’ requirement of knowledge on sexuality and to form data for training programs that will be designed to educate adolescents aout sexuality Design: Questionnaire study Setting and participants: 128 adolescent girls between 10 and 19 years old, as defined by World Health Organization, who applied to “Mother – Child Health Care and Family Planning Center, number 9” in Ankara for any reason between 01.01.2005 and 01.02.2005 were enrolled in this study. Materials-METHODS: Participants were applied a questionnaire including questions about their demographic properties, their level of knowledge on sexuality and their requirement of knowledge on sexuality. RESULTS: 85 adolescents (66.4%) declared they did not have any educational programs on sexuality. Of those who had an educational program on sexuality, 34.7% found it inadequate, 16.5% found it adequate and 24.0% found it partially adequate. CONCLUSION: This study demonstrates that adolescents require educational programs on sexuality and points to important topics that should be covered by such a program

Keywords: adolescent, girls, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, education, contraception